Organisation Management

This is where you will navigate and manage your organisation.


1. Home

By clicking on Gevme logo, you will be directed to this overview

2. Organisation Listing

Clicking on the dropdown, you see the list of all the organisations that you have access to and you can click on the one that you wish to work on.

3. Project Listing

This is the default view. All your active projects are listed.


Create new project

Thinking of creating a new project in this organisation, this is where you can do it.

Active and Archived Projects It helps to organise your past projects and stay focused on Active Projects. Click on each tab (Active, Archived) to view the list of events under each status.

Archive Click on 3 dots to achieve your project(s).

Venue Editor Quick link to your Venue Editor where you edit livepages of this project.

Dashboard Quick Link to the List of Apps / Features of the Projects Clicking on Project Name will also bring you to the Dashboard.

4. Settings

This is where you can edit the name of your Organization.


5. Users

This is where you can invite new users to your organisation.

In the new dashboard, toggle to User (1) and locate Invite More Users (2)


The pop up will appear so that you can create new users. Simply add their details and Save. Your invitee will receive an invitation email from the platform.

We suggest you share this link with your new user(s) as well: Access GEVME Virtual

From the link, they will see:

  • Guide on how to login to the platform and see the projects listed in your organisation
  • Guide on GEVME Academy - the available courses on how to use the platform
  • Information about GEVME Support to assist them in their operation.

6. Usage & Billing

To check or make relevant changes to your account.

  • Account Usage
  • Change of Plan / Subscription
  • Edit Billing Details