Exporting From 3DVista For GEVME

Export For Web From 3DVista

To export a venue built on 3DVista for the Web (in HTML format), you need to click on the Publish button:


Then select on For Web option:


Once you export the files, you will get a zipped file that contains files in the following structure:


One Export Per Template

GEVME Venues has the concept of template. A template can be a lobby, room or any other space where users can go into. To make the navigation within the virtual venue lightweight, it is highly recommended that each template is exported as 1 set of files.

The root folder name for each exported template will represent the template name. So, if your exported files look like this:


If your template name is “lobby”, then rename the root folder accordingly:


If your venue has 4 templates:

  1. booth
  2. breakout
  3. lobby
  4. mainstage

Then your folder structure will look something like this:


You should then zip these files into 1 single zipped file so that it can be 🚧Importing 3DVista Files to GEVME.