Programmatic Access to Objects


There are 2 ways where you can get programmatic access to objects such as user, sponsor, project:

  1. Rebar Merge Tags - simpler and more convenient with minimal coding involved.
  2. window.GEVME Javascript object - allows to build more complex interactions for more experienced developers.

Rebar Tags

Rebar Tags are snippets of codes that can be embedded right within HTML to do access dynamic data. For example to access the logged in user's first name, you can simply use: {{user.firstname}}

Start by learning about the 🚧Rebar Basics

Rebar support 2 classes of tags:

🖲️Rebar Merge Tags

🉐Rebar Widget Tags

window.GEVME Javascript Object

With GEVME Virtual Venues, you to use any Javascript frameworks that you may be familiar with to build interactivity and highly custom functionalities.

window.GEVME is a Javascript object that exposes plenty of information ranging from the logged in user, to information about the LivePage, Project, Widgets & more.

You can find the full reference here: 🚪window.GEVME JS Object