Lets the resource run scripts (but not create popup windows).

Allows the resource to submit forms. If this keyword is not used, form submission is blocked.

Allows popups (such as window.open(), target=”_blank”, or showModalDialog()). If this keyword is not used, the popup will silently fail to open.

Lets the sandboxed document open new windows without those windows inheriting the sandboxing. For example, this can safely sandbox an advertisement without forcing the same restrictions upon the page the ad links to.

Lets the resource navigate the top-level browsing context, but only if initiated by a user gesture.

Allows for downloads to occur with a gesture from the user.

Lets the resource open modal windows.

Lets the resource start a presentation session.

If this token is not used, the resource is treated as being from a special origin that always fails the same-origin policy (potentially preventing access to data storage/cookies and some JavaScript APIs).