Agenda & Speakers

Agenda & Speakers

About this Module

The Agenda Module is an “inlet” through which the agenda and speaker details are added. After that, you can create an agenda and speaker block in the livepages to display the information. Under Agenda is where you are able to:

  1. Uploading speaker's information (Photo, Profile, Biography)
  2. Uploading agenda's details (Title, Session Details, Speaker Allocation)


We recommend creating the Speaker's information first so that you can simply pick up the speakers to add to all sessions later.

Adding Speaker

  • Click on Create Speaker
  • Upload Profile Picture
  • You can simply drag and drop the files or click on Browser to upload the image. A simple image editor is made available for your quick editing.

  • Add Speaker's Information
  • Add Biography
  • A content editor is available to support your rich text editing.


Real-time Update

Should there be some changes in the programme during the event, you can simply update the information here and it will be updated instantly on the Livepages.


You can create different locations and tag them to the relevant sessions later



Simply populate the information of each session and tag them to the relevant livepages.

The speaker profiles that you have created in Speaker Tab will be available to select in the Speaker's List.

Creating Sessions

  • Click on Create Agenda Session
  • Add the Session Title
  • Select Session LivePage from the dropdown.
  • This assignment will make this session visible on your select livepage; you then can create the Agenda Block accordingly.

  • Add Session Details
  • Add Session Description
  • A content editor is available to support your rich text editing.

  • Add Speakers
  • All speakers created in Speakers Tab will be available for you to select here.

  • Select Tags, if any
  • If you have some tags created, this is where you can select. More information about Tag can be found here.

  • Select the Streaming Service for this particular session, if applicable.
  • Decide on Session CTA Behaviour
  • By Default: The session will be linked to the LivePage selected from the dropdown above. CTA Text can be edited here

    Custom Link

    No CTA

  • Pick up the Location, if relevant
  • Upload Session Logo(s), if any