About the module

Widgets module allows us integrate/embed 4 of our content blocks in third party sites by using Script/Iframes. We can also create multiple widgets. 1. Agenda 2. Products 3. Sponsors 4. Speakers

Creating Widgets

By clicking on the create widget and selecting the content module system generates/created the widget.


Example - Speaker Widget

After clicking on create widget and selecting speakers content module we get the speakers widget. As what we have at live page block level, we almost have same settings here. We can define which speakers to show, what details of the speakers to show, block settings and option to add CSS. Once the widget is created we will have 3 options to Copy Code(Whitelist Domain), Edit the Widget and Delete the Widget.


Widget Settings

Whitelisting the Domain/Website

We have to whitelist the domain on which we are going to embed the widget. This will allow GEVME to show content on third party sites. Just paste your website in the input section and go for save changes. Website gets whitelisted automatically.

Removing GEVME branding

This option allows us to remove GEVME logo from the widget. And this is available only in Pro Versions.