Helpdesk Cheat Sheet - Some Troubleshooting Tips & Platform Guides

On this page, you will find useful information for your Helpdesk: A. Technical Assistance Some troubleshooting tips that you can facilitate during the event. B. Platform Guides Some simple platform navigation videos. You can pass the ready-to-view video links to your attendees.

Technical Assistance

CategoryQuestionRecommended Answer (please adapt to your event set-up)

I am not receiving the OTP, what do I do?

An email containing your OTP was sent to your registered email address. Kindly check your junk and/or spam folder. Do also whitelist these domains (gevme.com and mail.gevme.com) to ensure you are receiving the required emails.

The login page keeps refreshing / not loading

Please log out of your current account and login again. - If this doesn't work, please press “Ctrl + F5” (Windows) and “Ctrl + Shift + R” (Mac) to reload the currently open page and override the locally cached version. - If that doesn't work either, please clear the cache and change your browser to Edge/Chrome/ Safari. - For Chrome users, please try on Incognito Mode.

The platform/sites keep loading for me/is slow what do I do?

Here's what you can do to resolve the issue: 1. Check your internet connection. - Visit a different website to see if it loads - Check your connection settings - Reset the router or contact your Internet Service Provider for help 2. Turn on JavaScript - Go into Chrome's Settings to check if you enabled JavaScript - Click on 'Advanced', then select 'Site settings' under 'Privacy and Security' and enable 'Allowed' for JavaScript 3. Try a different web browser - Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc. 4. Clear your browser cache and refresh

The stream is not playing, what do I do?

Check for the country of the attendees. It could due to the player's restriction. - China attendees may face issues with AWS. Please advise attendees to turn on VPN. - Indonesia attendees may face issues with Vimeo.

There is no sound for my video, what do I do?

Mouse over to the live streaming window, do click on the Speaker icon to turn on the sound. You can also reload the site.

Platform is down

Suggested placeholder message: 1. We are aware that the platform is presently unavailable due to technical difficulties. The team is doing everything possible to resolve this as soon as possible, and we will keep you updated on our progress. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused. 2. X minutes after: The team is currently resolving the issues and the platform will be again accessible from XX:XX onwards. 3. When resolved: The technical issues have been resolved. Please contact us, if you continue to have technical difficulties."

I did not receive the platform login email

If you did not receive your platform login email, i) check if any firewall app is blocking emails, ii) check if your email has gone to the junk folder

Platform Guides

CategoryQuestionVideo Link

How to log into the virtual event with Email

How to update my profile in the virtual platform?

How to Direct Message an attendee

How to filter attendees, speakers

How to connect to an attendee recommended to you

How to bookmark an attendee

Accept meeting invitation in the event

Accept invitation for a meeting via email

How to schedule a meeting with an attendee

How to view pending scheduled meeting

How to search for pending meeting requests received

Reject meeting request in the event

Reject meeting request via email

Join the meeting through the email

Join a meeting via the event