Header Settings

About Header

The header is a livepage widget consisting of the following elements:

  1. Event logo
  2. Event name
  3. Menu

The header is typically positioned at the top of a livepage but its position, look and feel, as well as behaviour can vary from venue to venue.

Example of the header on a 2D livepage


Example of the header on a 3D livepage

Example of a header with a hamburger menu on a 3D livepage.
Example of a header with a hamburger menu on a 3D livepage.

The Use

The Header and all the features under it are customised from the Venue Editor. Currently, the header settings and features are customised at a livepage level (i.e. the settings for each header is different on each livepage) but having header settings at the venue level is work-in-progress.

Turning on/off the Header

The whole header can be turned on or off on a particular livepage by clicking on the header's switch icon.


Turning on/off a Particular Feature

Each particular feature under the Header can be turned on/off by clicking on the switch icon of that particular feature.


CSS Code

This allows you to customise the look and feel of the header by inserting custom CSS. To learn more about how to customise the CSS, read the documentation: 🎨Custom CSS.