Generic Block Settings

Generic Block Settings

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The Blocks and all the features under them are customised from the Venue Editor. Currently, the Blocks settings are customised at a livepage level (i.e. the settings for each Block is different on each livepage).

In addition, the Blocks can be standardised at the Template level for the convenient application across multiple livepages; i.e.; Sponsor Booths.


The Heading is the title of every Block and it is compulsory; however, you can make it invisible in need.

It is a Rich Text block that you can add text content and customise the formatting and styling of the text, e.g. bold, italic, underline, or even the font family, font size and alignment.


Cover image

Depending on the Block Type, the cover image can be compulsory or optional.

When turned on, the cover image will appear on the Livepage instead of the content of your block. Upon clicking the cover image, the content of your block will then appear in a popup.



Specifies the Width for the assets

  • Full-width
  • Half-width
  • Specific width
  • Fit to content
A width of a livepage is 100%. If you are arranging multi-assets on the row, the sum of all widths of the row should be 100%.

Bounding box

The block content can be filled with background.

Specifies 2 options:

  • Show
  • Hide


Specifies the Height of the assets

The available units:

  • px
  • rem
  • em
  • %
  • Fit to content

Margin & Padding