About the Meeting

    This block displays a meeting block which allows participants to join and engage in sessions with or without moderators.

    Creating a Meeting Block

    To create a Meeting block, in the Venue Editor, click on "Add Blocks" button in the settings panel on the left, then choose "Meeting" under the Video category.


    Block Settings

    The main setting of the Meeting block is the Meeting Type. From the Meeting Type dropdown, choose the service you want to integrate with.


    Below is a description of each service, their settings and how to integrate with each one of them.

    GEVME Meet

    GEVME Meet is the native meeting app from GEVME Virtual. There are a number of configurations that you can activate to meet your session's objective.

    Simply mouse over to the information icon to understand the use of the features


    Showing 16 videos max in 1 screen Hosting 250 participants at max capacity

    Moderator Role:

    You can assign up to 10 moderators in a meeting

    Moderator can pin/unpin the participants



    To add your Meeting ID / Password generated from your Zoom account.