About this Module

The Meetings module allows the participants to schedule the meetings with each other.

Instant Meetings

This feature allows us to track all the instant meetings started by all the attendees with other attendees.

To achieve this, one need to have attendees in attendee management table and people directory block at a livepage. Login to the front end of the livepage where directory block added. From people cards one can start instant meeting by clicking on “Meet Now”.


Not Started

This is meeting status where people haven’t joined the call yet.


Once attendees joins the call, status of the meeting changes from “Not Started” to “Ongoing”


After attendee end the call, status of the meeting changes from “Ongoing” to “Past”

Scheduled Meetings

This feature allows us to track all the organizer scheduled meetings.

Meeting Settings

The organiser can pre-set the settings and restrictions

Meeting Slot Duration: 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour,......

Time Ranges: You may wish to restrict the meeting and only allow participants to set up the meetings out of your event time. This is where it can be set up. - The range is restricted to 23:59 each day. - If you have 3 days event and you allow meeting from 00:01 to 23:59 daily. You need to create 3-time ranges per day, 00:01 - 23:59

Reminder Notifications: To define the reminder notifications that you wish to send to the participants about their meeting.


No. of meetings allowed between the attendees: To prevent solicitation or aggressive selling, you may wish to restrict the max. meeting an attendee can set. You can set it here.

Max of Participants allowed in a Meeting: To ensure productivity and better meeting quality control, the organiser may pre-set a max of participants allowed in a meeting.

Allow Email Notification: To remind your participants to accept pending invites, etc,....

Allow Daily Digest: Daily email sent to all guests of the meeting with pending invites to remind them that they have to accept/reject, and top 5 recommended people

If the organiser wishes to restrict daily digest in a specific timeframe, please reach out to with your request. This feature is restrictive and needs to be set by GEVME Team at the moment.

Allow Summary Email: This is a reminder email sent 1 day before the event.



For Hybrid Events, Organisers can pre-set physical locations. Organisers / Exhibitors can schedule the meetings at their physical meeting rooms or booths.


Create New Meeting

Here we have two scenarios to look into in case of scheduling a meeting.

Organizer scheduling meeting between Attendees

To achieve this, you have to access the organizer console and go to meetings to schedule a meeting between attendees. Once you get into meetings, click on Create Meeting and fill the necessary fields, select the date, time slot and location (Online/Offline).


Once the meeting is scheduled, both attendees will get mail notification as well as notification in the virtual platform if there are active. If they are not active also, they can see the scheduled meetings from Attendee Live-Bar.

Attendee Scheduling Meeting With Attendee

In this case, attendees can schedule meeting with each other. In this case also both get notifications over mail and virtual platform.


Meeting Recording

Organizer and Moderator can record the meeting. Records are found in Event Content - Videos.


Meeting Reports

Relevant Meetings can be located on different tabs: Rejected, Past and Cancelled meetings and download from there. To obtain a detailed report of a specific past event, click on Details and then export the report.