LivePages Listing

This is the overview of all the LivePages created in your Project. There are tools to support you in livepages management.

LivePage Search

While you may have multi-livepages to monitor, this is a useful tool to support your operation.

Simply key in the keywords in your Livepages name to search for it.


Quick Links

For every livepage, there are CTAs to support your event building. Some are visible and some can be found by clicking on 3 dots.

  • Copy URL To copy the published link of this LivePage
  • Preview To preview the site that you are working on
  • Customise Head over to Dashboard and work on the Livepage customisation
  • Clear Cache For UI un-sync, clearing cache is one of the suggestion
  • Archive For livepages that you no longer use, Archive them
  • Duplicate To clone the page, use Duplicate
  • Delete If the page is no longer required, you can delete them. This can not be recovered.

Quick Action

By selecting / tick on the LivePage, you can do the following action

  • Labels
  • Archive
  • Delete


  • Create Label By typing your preferred categories and clicking Enter, you then create a new label. This helps to group and filter the pages.
  • Colorise the Label Clicking on 3 dots and select your preferred color for that specific label.


With the labels/grouping, you now can filter the label to meet your objectives

Display Limit

At your convenience, you can determine the number of livepages limited to one single view: 5, 10 or 15.