Venue Experiences

A venue can come with a pre-configured set of livepages, blocks, content, menus and settings to deliver a particular event experience. This pre-configured set of items is what we refer to as a Venue Experience. And a venue can have multiple experiences, which you can choose from depending on your event needs.

To make a physical analogy, think of our virtual venue as a building, and the venue experiences as the set of tables, chairs, standup banners, screens, etc. all arranged in a particular configuration for a particular event. So you can have a physical venue, say a hotel ballroom, where you can host a seminar, a conference, or a wedding. In this case, the hotel ballroom would be equivalent to a virtual venue, and the seminar, conference and wedding would be the different venue experiences.

For example, the Genesis venue comes with the following experiences:

  1. 1-Day Conference with Multiple Tracks and Sponsors Lounge
  2. 3-Day Conference with Networking Lounge
  3. All-Hands Meeting
  4. Half-Day Seminar with Breakout
  5. Town Hall Meeting

It's important to understand that a venue in itself does not carry any meaning. It only has a particular look and feel. Meaning is given to it only when an experience is applied to it.