Inserting Replaceable Cover Images

With the GEVME & 3DVista integration, you can design a venue that contains cover images that can be replaced by end users within GEVME Venue Builder.

For example, you can design the following venue with the following cover images (showing up as white panels):


These cover images of the panels can then be updated by end-users in GEVME Venue Builder, and give rise to something like this:


To achieve the above, you have to ensure that the placeholder images are set up as 1 Element within 3DVista. To make the placeholder image clickable to display Content Blocks, refer to


Updating Cover Image in GEVME

Within GEVME Venue Builder, Cover Images can be updated by clicking on a block and changing the image under the option for “Cover Image”:


Ensure Cover Images Are Exported As a Whole

When properly configured in 3DVista, and the venue is exported for Web, the cover images should then be exported as a whole image under the media folder. Here’s an example of what you can expect: