As you embark on the journey to build a GEVME Virtual Venue, it is important that you understand the following core concepts:

- Think of it as a Class which can be instantiated and used for many events with different configurations.

- Think of it as a webpage. A LivePage are built out of .

- These are literally the essential building blocks that make up a LivePage. Blocks can be managed by end-users through the No-Code .

Development Tools

A GEVME Virtual Venue runs on web browsers and hence run on standard web technologies - HTML, Javascript & CSS. To build your own custom venues, you can technically use any Javascript / CSS framework of your choice.

To make it easy to build virtual venues, GEVME provides the following:

  • Rebar Language - a low-code templating language that allows you to easily add merge tags, and widget tags within HTML codes.
  • Default CSS & Javascript files that frees you up from having to build the look and feel and functionalities of GEVME's Blocks and Widgets.
  • window.GEVME object that gives Javascript developers easy programmatic access to lots of useful information about a logged in user, the current LivePage, and more.
  • Native GitHub Integration within GEVME allows you to manage your code within your own repositories and deploy by simply pushing to your selected branch. It works very much like GitHub Pages.
  • Open Source Venues that you can clone on GitHub to get a quick start to build your own.