Hybrid Engagement

Hybrid Engagement

About this App

This will be your main working space during the event dates. You can edit event content and have it synced constantly; push/monitor the relevant announcements, polls, Q&A or chat.


1. Event Content

This is where your Conference Manager will spend most of their time. All Event Content is managed in this App

2. Engagement

While the physical or virtual events are taking place, there is multi-engagement to keep the attendee’s attention. This is where they are all managed.

A. Chat Moderation

The Chat Moderation Module is the central management of all the Livepage's Chats. The event administrator can conveniently navigate all conversations from a consolidated site.

Chat Moderation
Chat Moderation

B. Polls

Creating Polls to gather attendees’ views on topics or keep them engaged during the event.


C. Announcements

To broadcast an activity or make highlights to attendees, you can set up announcements. They then can be immediately on-demand or schedule a specific time


D. Q&A

Q&A is to allow attendees to ask questions and get answers