Event Content

Event Content

About this App

This is where your Conference Manager will spend most of their time. All Event Content are managed in this App


1. Agenda & Speakers

This Module is an β€œinlet” through which the agenda, speaker, and session location details are added. After that, you can create an agenda and speaker block in the livepages to display the information.

Agenda & SpeakersAgenda & Speakers

2. Live Stream

The Live Stream Module is the conduit for your live streams. Create your channels here then add them to your livepages through the live stream blocks

Live StreamLive Stream

3. Videos

If you ever initiated a Meeting recording for any sessions/meetings using the Meetings feature, the recording can be found here.


4. Companies

Create or Import Companies (Sponsors, Exhibitors)

Exhibitors & SponsorsExhibitors & Sponsors

5. Products

The Product module is for Exhibitors, Sponsors, Partners and Organiser to do product listing. It is considered an Inlet for data population; then Content Block is used as an Outlet to display the Products Information on relevant Livepages.


6. Tags

The Tag module allows you to manage your specific tags at the particular module (Eg: People, Speakers, Products, etc..)


7. Media Assets

This module allows you to upload audio files. These audios are used as Background music at the each individual livepages. Audio files can be used by enabling audio widget at the livepage level.

🎡Media Assets

8. Widgets

Widgets module allows us integrate/embed 4 of our content blocks in third party sites by giving Script/Iframe.