The Sponsorship module contains everything related to your Exhibition. Under Sponsorship is where you are able to:

  1. Create and manage Sponsors/Exhibitors packages
  2. Create or import companies, assign packages to the companies.
  3. Add Booth Staff

For Event Owner / Event Organiser

Virtual Booth Templates

To make decisions on the virtual booth's templates that you would like to offer to your sponsors/exhibitors. These templates should be a part of All Templates in your Virtual Venue.

The decisions will be required on the following:

  • The template for each package
  • What are the available assets within the booth? Videos, Resources (PDF, Link, URL)
  • What are the quantities of these assets? How many videos, resources are there?
  • What are the features available for them in the back-end?
  • How extensive their editing can be? We suggest limiting their access to assets uploading only so that the Organisers have full control over the general changes and managing the uploaded assets better.

Sponsorship Packages

Package Creation

  • Click on Create Package
  • Add Package Name
  • Add Package Description
  • Select the Template for the Package

After all the packages are created, you then can edit/manage all packages on the same view.



  • Decide on the format of Sponsors/Exhibitors Title
  • Decide on the format of the Virtual Booth's URLs / Slugs


Company Creation

  • Click on Create New Company
  • Add Company Information
  • Organiser only requires to fill up compulsory fields. Other fields will be available for Sponsors/Exhibitors to complete on their portals.

  • Assign a Package to the Company
  • Assign a Topic Tag, if any

Add Users / Booth Staff

  • Click on Add Users
  • Populate the User's Information
  • The user then will receive an invite and have access to the Exhibitor Portal

Import Users / Booth Staff

  • Click on Import
  • Download a sample file
  • You then populate the information based on the file and upload the file





When the users are added in the back-end, a confirmation email will be sent to their registered email address to access the Exhibitors/Sponsors Portal

For Sponsors / Exhibitors

Look for more information on the Exhibitors/Sponsors Portal, check it here.