Guides on Sponsor/Exhibitor Portal

A. Event Access

Back-End Configuration

As Sponsors/ Exhibitors of the event, the event owner/organiser will grant you access to your own virtual booth. All the configuration can be done within.

Front-End during Event Dates

Subject to your entitlements, you may be asked to register for Conference Pass or Booth Staff at the front end. This will grant you access to the virtual event.

On the Event Date(s), you should be login to your Front End to engage the attendees.

B. Sponsor/Exhibitor Portal

All features are pre-determined by your Host / Event Organiser. It is varied per Project.

Account Login

  • Highly recommended to use Incognito mode for the browser
  • Click on this link to login into your account - https://admin.gevme.com/sponsor/login
  • Enter your email address and click Next, an OTP will be sent to you.
  • Take note of the Sender Email for OTP - no-reply@gevme.com

Project / Booth Selection

After logging in, you will see your listing

  • Company Name
  • Project Name

You then can select the booth that you wish to manage.

C. Virtual Booth Set-Up

All features that you have access to will be available on the menu bar on the left panel.



Welcome Page. This is where you view your action items.


Get your company profile, content and booth ready to receive your visitors.

Company Profile

Setup your company profile, logo, tagline and description.

The set-up and instructions are various as per the organiser. Do follow the guidelines given to you.



  • You can build your virtual booth here
  • The booth template/design is pre-set by the event organiser; hence minimum or no changes can be made. It can be 2D or 3D format. Subject to your packages, you will be entitled to upload the booth assets.
A 3D Booth Sample. The booth design is varied in projects.
A 3D Booth Sample. The booth design is varied in projects.
  • Sponsors/Exhibitors Checklist:
Company Logo: you can upload your booth logo or company name as per the organiser's instruction.

We cater for the various size and shapes of the logo, you can select "Crop Shape" and adapt to your preference.

[3D Booth] All Panels are labelled with the dimension required. Sponsors/Exhibitors to prepare covered images to fit the panel's dimensions
Resources Panel(s): you can upload PDF, Link, Image and set CTA button. Subject to your organiser's set-up, do note that the contents here may be downloadable.

For the best experience at the booth, PDF/Image should be less than 10Mb and without rich images, annotations and many links. A complex file will take a while to be rendered in browsers.

The quantities of the files are pre-determined by the organisers.

Host Media Files

You can host the files on your preferred media platforms (Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc,...). Attendees will be able to play/bookmark the video. Video are not downloadable.

Thinking of Live Streaming sessions?

  • Do a professional Live Streaming with your own production.
  • Self - manage a Live Stream via Zoom, Webex or Others.

Within GEVME, you can create Channels and generate Stream Keys; then you can pass the keys to your producer or add them to Zoom/Webex/Others.


The Product module is for Exhibitors, Sponsors, Partners and Organiser to set up a product listing. It is considered an Inlet for the data population; then the data will be displayed on the relevant pages/booths.

For more information on Product settings, check here.


If this feature is available on your booth, you are assigned to update your own Speaker(s) / Session(s) information.

For more information on agenda settings, check here.

Live Streaming / Channel

You can skip this setting if you are NOT doing Live Streaming at your Virtual Booth.

If you are doing live streaming on your virtual booth, you can create your channels here then add them to your virtual booth through the On-Demand/Media/LiveStream blocks.

Create the channels

In each channel, you are able to retrieve the RTMP URL, Stream Key and Playback URL.


Select Channel to Broadcast

  • Go to the livepage where the live streaming will take place
  • Select Streaming Service: GEVME Live
  • Choose the channel you created in the dropdown list

For more information on stream key creation, check here.



The Engagement feature enables you to set up Announcements and Polls for the event.


The Analytics module contains an overview of your booth's visitor-ship and activities.

For more information on Analytics, check here.