About this Module

The Product module is for Exhibitors, Sponsors, Partners and Organiser to do product listing. It is considered an Inlet for data population; then Content Block are used as Outlet to display the Products Information on relevant Livepages.

Basic Details

  • Product Name
  • Description
  • Sponsor

The dropdown values are picked up from Sponsor Module.

  • Tags

This enables you to specify Tags across Modules and link the information.

  • Product Gallery
    • Add image
    • Adding product images here will appear on the product preview of the page.

    • Add Video URL
    • Adding product specification PDF, links & images here will appear on the product preview of the page.



The CTA is the Call-To-Action button that you can add to the CTA Text to be used and the CTA Link.

You can choose the Button Background Color and Button Text Color to highlight your CTA.


Custom Fields

These are fields to be pre-defined by the Event Owners / Organisers to standardised some key values for the event's operation.


Products are enabled at live page through Products Content Block. We have several settings at the block level for the further customization. Such as enable search and filter options, apply filter to show only relevant products at the live page, CTA and several other options.