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A. Selecting your Virtual Venue and Experience
B. Editing a LivePage
C. Publishing a LivePage

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Step by Step Guide

A. Selecting your Virtual Venue and Experience

STEP 1: Pick up your preferred venue from Venue Store STEP 2: Select the relevant Experiences that meet your objectives
GEVME Virtual Venues are virtual spaces with out-of-the-box specialised features and services for events.

Advantages of using a GEVME Virtual Venue:

  • Get started quickly: Usable out-of-the-box
  • Pre-configured look and feel
  • Range of Venue Experiences
  • Reusable
  • No-code DIY customisation through our Venue Editor
  • CSS and JavaScript customisation
GEVME Venue Experiences A pre-configured set of LivePages, blocks, content, menus and settings, all weaved together to deliver a particular event experience at a venue.

B. Editing a LivePage

A LivePage is a single page within a venue.

A venue can therefore be seen as a collection of LivePages with links among them.

A LivePage is technically a webpage.


Today, the GEVME Virtual LivePage is a special type of page with the following capabilities:

Integration A LivePage can integrate with a multitude of other services out-of-the-box, through the usage of blocks.

Push Notifications A LivePage can receive real-time notifications, e.g. announcements, polls, questionnaires, sent from the admin panel by the organiser to all (or specific) attendees.

Live Content Updates A LivePage can be updated with content in real-time, without the need to be refreshed.

PREPARATION Prepare some images/files and start experiencing the LivePage editing. SELF NOTE Always SAVE the changes made TASKLIST 1. Header Think of the Header Content that you wish to feature, toggle to manage their visibility 📰Header Settings 2. LiveBar A native attendee engagement widget with more than 10 features for your use. You can rename and toggle to make select features available ⚙️Customising the LiveBar Settings 3. Blocks They are building blocks of your Livepage and can be of many types, depending on the content that you want to show.

C. Publishing a LivePage

When doing changes to your LivePage in the Venue Editor, the changes will not be automatically published to your production venue. This allows you to experiment and make sure that everything is looking as expected before pushing your changes.

To publish your changes and make them visible to all attendees, click on the Save & publish changes button in the top right-hand corner of the Venue Editor.
Note that the Save & publish changes button will only be active if you have made changes to your LivePage.

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