Personalization Fields

The content within Blocks can be personalised. For example, within a Rich Text Block, you can personalize the content based on the logged in user, as shown below:


Personalization expressions follow the Rebar syntax.

Logged-in User Fields

The default fields associated to a logged in user can be accessed through the following expressions:

{{user.firstname}} - First name {{user.lastname}} - Last Name {{user.email}} - Email Address {{user.jobTitle}} - Job Title {{user.company}} - Company {{user.id}} - Unique identifier associated with user

Custom fields can also be created be created under the People module, and these fields can then be accessible in the same format. For example, if you create a field, with the field name ticket_category, you will be able to access the value using this expression: {{user.ticket_category}}

Sponsor Fields

If a LivePage belongs to a Sponsor, you can then access the relevant

{{sponsor.id}} - Id of the sponsor company {{sponsor.name}} - Name of the sponsor company. {{sponsor.logo}} - Logo of the sponsor company. {{sponsor.tagline}} - Tagline of the sponsor company. {{sponsor.description}} - Description for the sponsor company. {{sponsor.code}} - Unique ID associated with the sponsor.

Full List of Fields

Other than user and sponsor fields, there is a whole lot of objects and fields that can be used to do personalization. Our developer documentation has the full list of supported objects and fields.

Conditional Content

Content Blocks support the Rebar Template language. As such you can implement personalization that are based on logical conditions. For example, you could have the following content:

{{#if user.company}} We Would Like to Partner with {{user.company}}! {{else}} We Partner With Great Companies {{/if}}

In the above content, if a user has filled up his company information, and let's say, the company name is ACME Inc, then the logged in user will see the text: We Would Like to Partner with ACME Inc!

If no company information is available for the logged in user, then the following will appear: We Partner With Great Companies

You can even iterate through objects and dynamically create interesting content. Read more on our Rebar documentation.

Conditional Blocks & LivePages

On top of personalizing the content within a content block, you can also customise the visibility of any block and LivePages. Read more under the section on Access Control.