About this App

The Virtual App contains everything related to your virtual venue. Under Virtual is where you are able to:

  1. Choose a virtual venue for your event
  2. See the list of livepages under your venue and customise your venue and livepages through the Venue Editor
  3. Configure the menu(s) of your virtual venue
  4. Configure the check-in authentication method for your attendees


Venues in GEVME can be of either 3 types:

  • 2D
  • 3D
  • A combination of 2D and 3D

A venue comes pre-configured with:

  • Style / Look & Feel
  • Content, Settings and Functionalities

For any project, you will get started with these steps:

Pick your preferred Venue in the Store or even Build Your Own fully or partially. List of Venues Understand the Concept 🏣Virtual Venue and πŸ›οΈVenue Store
Select the preferred Experiences in every venue that you can select as a starter. This selection will present some suggested pages/content for your virtual event. Deep dive into Understand the Concept ✨Venue Experiences


LivePage Management

Manage the Livepages When you select an Experience at a Venue, you are presented with some suggested pages/content for your virtual event.
πŸ“„Create new LivePageβš“LivePages Listing

Customise LivePages

Customise the Livepages The Editor is the WYSIWYG No-Code visual editor tool that you use to customise your LivePages and their content. For every LivePages, there are 3 components to pay attention to: 1. LiveBar 2. Header 3. Blocks
πŸ–πŸΌUsing the Venue EditorπŸ’¬LiveBar SettingsπŸ“°Header SettingsπŸ‘·Content Blocks

Publish LivePages

πŸ“™Publishing Your LivePage Changes to ProductionπŸ“™Setting a LivePage to "Live" ModeπŸ“™Setting a LivePage to "Draft" Mode


In this Module, you can decide how your attendees check in to your virtual event



This module is to create/manage menu


Event Content

This is where your Conference Manager will spend most of their time. All Event Content are managed in this App

Event ContentEvent Content


While the physical or virtual events are taking place, there is multi-engagement to keep the attendee’s attention. This is where they are all managed.

Hybrid EngagementHybrid Engagement